• > Packaging: 1 per box > "Prestige XP-6" aluminium seatbox> 6 telescopic legs 36mm diameter> Compression leg retaining blocks> Large special swivel mud feet> Adjustable foot plate> Side drawers> Removable case> Anti-memory padded seat cushion> Pole seat support> Shoulder strap> Easy grip hand wheels

  • > Packaging: 3 per box > New standards: CE EN 17476:2021+A1:2022 > Available end april 2024> Portable Duo Gril or Plancha cooker> 2200watt power> Works with gas cartridges (not included)> Full power consumption: 160g/h> Safety gas cartridge connection> Variable heat control> Electric ignition> Delivered in a suitcase with...

  • > Packaging: 2 per box > Flat pole roller> Aluminium> Roller size: 50cm> EVA rollers (dia. 5)> 2 folding side rollers> 4 folding legs> Extra internal legs> 4 telescopic legs> From 55 to 95cm> Supplied with a bag

  • > Packaging: 1 per box > Big size fishing platform > Full robust aluminium > Reinforced structure > Aera: 80x60cm > 4 adjustable legs > Legs: 50cm. Diameter: 25mm > Large soft rubber hand wheels > Non marking locking system > Large swivel mud feet > Integrated transport handle > Integrated legs storage place > Supplied with 2 pole rests

  • > Packaging: 1 per box > Special Pro feeder chair X-45 > Special comfort designed chair > Full ergonomic breathable shape > Specialized honeycomb material HM-50 > Duo with Oxford 600d superior selection > Superior painting process "PPX" > Comfortable neoprene armrests covers > Integrated neoprene comfort pillow > Fully...

  • > Packaging: 10 per box > Rubberised mesh> 260cm> 2x100cm handle> Removable aluminium head: 50x60cm> Big catch landing net> Strong aluminium alloy lock-in head> Strong and reliable telescopic locking system> Soft grip> Aluminium handle> Telescopic handle

  • > Packaging: 2 per box > "Sentinel XR-4AR" bite alarm set> 4 alarms, 1 receiver> Removable illuminated snag ears> Forward and backward drop back indication> Memory function> Waterproof> Up to 150m range> Alarms: adjustable volume (6 levels, silent included), tone (6 levels), sensitivity (6 levels).> Receiver: adjustable...

  • > Packaging: 6 per box > New obligatory standards: CE EN 17476:2021+A1:2022> Available end april 2024> Portable gas stove 2200watt power> Wind sheild and pan wedging> Easy gas cartridge connection> Safety locking mechanism for gas cartridge> Variable heat control> Automatic piezo electric ignition> Delivered in a carry...

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